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Dr.Sangita Dahiya


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Sangita is a seasoned professional in the visa industry, boasting a remarkable 100% success rate and over a decade of experience. Her compassionate nature offers solace during the often stressful visa application process, while her unwavering work ethic ensures meticulous attention to detail and consistent results. With extensive expertise gained over more than 10 years, Sangita simplifies even the most complex visa cases, establishing herself as a trusted choice for various immigration solutions.

Beyond her visa consultancy expertise, Sangita excels in diverse roles. As a business consultant at Joni-Consultancy, she brings her experience to various industries. Her entrepreneurial journey, initiated in 2016, reflects her commitment to scalable tech-led ventures. Sangita’s accolades, including the title of ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur in 2017’ from MSME India, underscore her achievements.

Moreover, Sangita is a prolific writer, a national-level debater, and a passionate advocate for social issues in mainstream media. Her belief that “everything is possible if innovative work is backed up with patience and persistence” reflects her indomitable willpower. Sangita’s dedication to education shines as she helps hundreds of deserving rural students gain admission to top global universities, believing fervently that “every student deserves the appropriate platform to fulfill their maximum potential.”

In summary, Sangita is a multifaceted professional excelling in the visa industry, consultancy, entrepreneurship, writing, and social advocacy. Her compassionate approach and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset in any endeavor. We extend our best wishes to Sangita for continued success in her future endeavors as she positively impacts the lives of many.

Sandeep Dahiya

Executive Director

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Sandeep Kumar is a seasoned professional with over 14 years of unwavering dedication to his field, celebrated for his robust analytical acumen. His expertise in research and analytics methodologies has consistently delivered innovative solutions tailored to meet precise project requirements.

During his tenure as an Admission Officer and a GTE Assessment Officer, Sandeep’s exceptional skills set the bar for excellence. Over five years, he adeptly managed pivotal administrative and processing responsibilities while maintaining an impeccable academic record.

Sandeep’s proficiency extends across a wide spectrum of operating systems and productivity tools, and he demonstrates mastery in utilizing advanced analytical tools. His core strengths encompass unparalleled analytical thinking, adept communication, adaptive problem-solving, and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Passionately dedicated to steering organizations toward unprecedented success, Sandeep Kumar is guided by strategic leadership, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. He consistently strives to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the growth and prosperity of the companies he leads.

Monia Verma

Senior Manager

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She holds an MBA degree and is a highly experienced expert in visa filing services in the immigration sector, with an impressive career spanning over more then 9 years. Her role is characterized by an exceptional level of responsibility and an unyielding dedication to propelling the company’s growth journey. She continually exhibits her commitment to this mission by taking the lead in pioneering business endeavors and making well-considered decisions geared towards the organization’s expansion.

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